Deliver 2,000 cables per week with a lead-time of three weeks.
Product: Microphone cables.
Problem: JBL was introducing a new professional audio product - the Audio System in a Box. They needed 4 cables per unit, with a total of 2,000 cables needed per week, but this needed to be done in less than three weeks.
Solution: Wain Industries was able to set up manufacturing capabilities and meet JBL's needs in two weeks. We were able to meet their needs with quick turnaround times on to negotiate pricing on the component parts, have them delivered, and begin production on the initial product which led to 2,000 cables a week being produced.

Convert in-house manufacturing to Wain Industries' contract manufacturing.
Product: Complete box-build of cardkey controller.
Problem: Johnson Controls needed an outsourcing partner for the production, final testing and end user shipping of all their "Legacy" products.
Solution: Within a week of the contract we had set up a production area, physically transferred over $250,000 of material from their warehouse to ours and hired their assemblers. Within a month of a seamless conversion of facilities, we were in-stream and delivering over 2 million dollars worth of product a year.

Wain's flexibilities and customer service attitude successfully delivers product.
Product: Highly complex, labor intensive cable assemblies.
Problem: GSI/Lumonics had been unsuccessful in outsourcing some labor-intensive cable assemblies.
Solution: After some minor adjustments to the 1st article, we were producing flawless products within two weeks. Wain Industries' ability to be flexible and our commitment to work closely with their engineering staff made the difference. As a result of our success, the project grew to procuring a massive, 800-pound "ship set" a week consisting of these cable assemblies, a manufactured power supply and several large pneumatic and electro-mechanical assemblies.