A message from Michael Wainess, President of Wain Industries.

Wain Industries was founded in October 1991 by the husband and wife team of Michael and Ellen Wainess. Under their combined strong leadership, Wain Industries has successfully participated in several significant programs with major OEMs.

Our growth from cable assemblies to top-level box build assemblies was driven by customer need to further reduce overhead costs and their satisfaction with Wain Industries.

Today, Wain Industries enjoys many long-standing customer relationships. We have developed a strong administrative team of highly qualified professionals capable of addressing today's business challenges of cost control and quick turn-around.

We emphasize quality.
We emphasize on-time delivery.
We emphasize customer communication.

We feel our success is attributed to the fact that:

  • We are internally structured to respond very quickly.
  • We excel at solving problems.
  • We are customer oriented and not motivated by stockholder approval.

It is not our major goal to only book the first order, but to book the second one, and the one after that. We feel this is the true measure of success in meeting our goals. It is emphasized to all employees at Wain Industries, that by assuming the manufacturing responsibility, we have our customer's reputation at stake. We take the passing of this "baton of trust" very seriously.

If you have not before utilized the benefits of top-assembly-level contract manufacturing, like others before, you will quickly see the financial rewards we can help you achieve.

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